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Certified Public Accountant
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As an accountant I have a unique perspective on how management decisions effect the bottom line. Specifically the effectiveness of systems and procedures that are in place to accomplish the day to day business processes within your company.

The key is "customer service" and management's roll in perfecting it. If marketing is the instrument that catches a customer, then management and customer service are the processes of keeping them around."


For more than 20 years, ELG has assisted such clients as Sunoco, Deloitte & Touche, Chase Manhattan Bank, Seagate, Qwest, St. Paul Companies, Coors Brewing and the US Military.

ELG takes a results-oriented approach, basing its consultation on empirically proven methods and models. No fads here. The leadership, staff and associates of Executive Leadership Group, Inc. have achieved distinction within their respective areas of expertise and for their skills in instructing and consulting with executives.

Rapid business improvement must be your goal - either quickly to imbed innovation, or quickly to execute excellence. Do the right thing, or do things right. Either way, time is short.
Wendi Peck

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If you understand that the real business of any business is to simply "make customers", these two issues "management" and "marketing" quickly become the keystones to your business success.

Our understanding need only be that your success directly effects our success.

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