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"As an accountant, I review and observe business activity by the numbers. To me, there is a clear correlation between marketing efforts and customer volume.

Customer buying increases with active marketing in place. As marketing decreases, customer activity deteriorates proportionately. The numbers show this to be a consistent and measurable fact."


Boost your
Marketing Arsenal

DH Peck Marketing specializes in assertive marketing strategies using a measured mix of direct mail, newsletters, business cards and the web.
With the same budget spent on dormant or passive advertising such as the yellow pages, you can fervently increase your customer buying cycle with direct mail and other pro-active marketing strategies.

"Someone said build it and they will come...true I say....but invite them, and they will come sooner and more often"
--Doran Peck

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...or stuck working in it?
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If you understand that the real business of any business is to simply "make customers", these two issues "management" and "marketing" quickly become the keystones to your business success.

Our understanding need only be that your success directly effects our success.